You may want to wear your running shoes for this, because, Kay-Ara is a trip.

Then again, citing influences as diverse as George Orwell through to the Fokn Boiz, you begin to see how this atypical renaissance man was fashioned.

Branded “Westlander” (West-Legon, Accra) at birth, Kay-Ara saw life through the lens of a middleman living between the super-rich and deathly poor. With a heart longing for “luxury” but pockets stuck on “empty”, he quickly discovered music as a way to bridge his two worlds. His unique perspective soon caught the attention of the BBC, culminating in the outdooring of his hit single “Me Dough” to a global audience, via the world-famous broadcasting house.

Many would have considered that as, “the part of the story where everything changed and he became a successful musician”, but they would be wrong. Kay-Ara is a connoisseur of life.

And connoisseur, he has.

Ara took a completely unexpected sabbatical from music to earn his merit badges in photography, modelling and acting. He also enjoyed a brief teaching stint in academia while working as a realtor, an event curator, interior designer and professional dog-lover. His weird flexes – amongst others during that period – included graduating university, which he hated, with honours.

After years away from the limelight, “music’s prodigal prodigy”, finally returned to his first love, and Kay-Ara crowed his return by hosting his first ever, and wildly successful, “The 50/50 Affair”. He also runs his own company, “Young Black Excellence”, which all things considered, is a fitting name for the evolution that continues to be Kay-Ara.

Kay-Ara is ineffable. But, just maybe, a trip through his site might help you discover more.

Got your running shoes on yet?